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Emblems Of Friendship

John Imrie

About The Author

Be encouraged by these uplifting poems by John Imrie. Born in 1846 in Glasgow, Scotland, John moved to Toronto, Canada in 1871. He held positions of a salesman and a foreman before he and D. L. Graham formed a partnership and established Imrie & Graham.

He wrote many poems and songs over the years, and to quote from the preface of his book, Songs and Miscellaneous Poems, "My style is simple, but none the less sincere, and my chief desire is to please, and encourage the toiling masses. That these humble heart-thoughts and aspirations for the present and future welfare of my fellow-countrymen, and humanity at large, may be accepted in the kindly spirit in which they have been composed..."


About The Poem

A golden band, A silken cord, a beacon light, an iron shield and much beyond. John Imrie, in his beautiful poem 'Emblems Of Friensdhip', defines friendship in the warmest and most touching ways. Friendship is a bond that all of us have cherished in our lives and this poem is a simple yet strong reminder of the emotion this pious bond carries. Hope you enjoy this heart-warming poem.

Emblems Of Friendship

by:  John Imrie

Friendship is a silken cord

Beautiful and strong,

Guarding, by each kindly word,

Loving hearts from wrong.


Friendship is a golden band

Linking life with life,

Heart to heart, and hand to hand,

Antidote to strife.


Friendship is a beacon-light

On life’s rocky shore,

Brightest in our darkest night

When the breakers roar.


Friendship is an iron shield

Where life’s cruel darts

Ever may be forced to yield

Ere they wound true hearts.


Friendship is the gift of God

Freely to us given,

As the flowers that gem the sod,

Or the light of heaven!

'निशान दोस्ती के'

Transcreated by
'Ambar' Kharbanda

रेशमी बंधन है यारो! दोस्ती

ज़िन्दगी को ज़िन्दगी से जोड़ती

दिल को दिल से भी मिलाती है यही

हर मुसीबत को यही है मोड़ती

ख़ूबसूरत है ये है मज़बूत भी

जैसे ये रेशम की कोई डोर है

दोस्ती की क्या करें ता'रीफ़ हम

दोस्ती जैसा न कुछ भी और है


घुप अंधेरों में बचाती है हमें

रौशनी की है ये इक मीनार-सी

और तूफ़ानों से जब हो सामना

दोस्ती बन जाती है दीवार-सी


ज़िन्दगी जब मुश्किलें देने लगे

दोस्ती बन जाती है इक ढाल तब

और हर उलझन, मुसीबत से बचा

सुख से कर देती है मालामाल तब


दोस्ती की क़द्र कीजे! दोस्तो!

दोस्ती तो है बहारों की तरह

ये तो तोहफ़ा है ख़ुदा की ओर से

ख़ूबसूरत फूल, तारों की तरह

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