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About Us

Finding Inspiration In Every Prose

‘The Good Poetry Project’ is an initiative that is directed towards making good poetry accessible to all. Poems may be worded in various languages, but we believe that great pieces of art should transcend those barriers and reach enthusiasts across regions.


It is an initiative by Vineet KKN ‘Panchhi’ and ‘Word of Mouth Media’
which finds its purpose in sharing ‘Poetry Worth Celebrating’ with the world.
Through this initiative, we intend to present poetry that ‘Panchhi’ personally curates. 


We also intend for these pieces to be translated into as many regional and foreign languages as possible so that everyone can access good poetry. However, we strongly believe that art can manifest in multiple forms and we shall be happy to curate collections that accentuate poetry through other finer arts such as dance, music, painting, theatre and beyond.

Meet The Curators & The Team

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