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The Good Poetry Project

If you'd like to sponsor The Good Poetry Project, or support us in any other way, please write to us at 

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The Good Poetry Project

1. Translate poetry into a regional language.
If you write poetry in any of the Indian languages and have translated poetry from English or Hindustani/Hindi into that language, we would be honored to have you as part of the volunteer team. Your name will be prominently displayed in the film when the translation is read.

2.  Read poetry in a regional language.
If you work for Radio, or are a professional Voice Artist, we would invite you to read poetry translated by our volunteers.

3. Sponsor or support ‘The Good Poetry Project’.
This project is funded by Vineet KKN ‘Panchhi’ and Word of Mouth Media, with Orient Cement as our main sponsor, and has a fixed fund allocation. There is however a vast amount of poetry, translation, film production and studio work to be done, for these pieces to reach everyone. We would love for Individuals and Brands to help us promote good poetry. The sponsor’s name appears at the end of the films they have helped produce.

To talk about how you can sponsor please write to or WhatsApp: +91 73006 45454
We appreciate your support.

3. Make the poems into Branded content for internal use in an organisation.
If you would like a poem to be made especially for the internal use at your organisation, we shall be happy to tailor make it for you. Ask us how. 

Thank you. :)
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