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Do you know Sanskrit, our ancient Indian language? Well, we all ‘know of it’… schools pushed Sanskrit, till they could, and some of us still remember bits of it; but there are people like

Dr. Sampadananda Misra Ji a president awardee, who have decided to save and secure Sanskrit and make it relevant again, and Mohit of City Book Leaders, who has curated a new course to help people appreciate Sanskrit with Dr. Sampad again


So, that is the connection I was trying to make.

So we at ‘The Good Poetry Project’ thought… we should do our bit by Transcreating the World’s Most Popular Song and doing it in Sanskrit.


Sanskrit ki Raksha ka Bandhan. 😊

Here’s ‘Happy Birthday to You’ in the tune we all know, made simple enough for all of us to sing, in Sanskrit.

Have a great Sunday.



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